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Product no: DT0003


This is a pack of resources designed to support Assessment for Learning in the KS3 Design & Technology National Curriculum, using new attainment criteria derived from 9-1 GCSE Design & Technology and 9-1 GCSE Engineering.


Schools use attainment criteria to facilitate the assessment of progress. However, the Secretary of State for education has disapplied the attainment criteria previously used for Key Stage 3 Design & Technology. This disapplication gives the opportunity to adopt new assessment criteria, which more accurately reflect the development of skills that will be assessed in GCSE 9-1 Design & Technology and Engineering.


As a result, a group of examiners and teachers have developed a new set of KS3 assessment criteria that directly links to the skills assessed within the new 9-1 GCSEs in both D&T and Engineering. A copy of the new level descriptors is available here.


This resource pack provides support for understanding and using the new level descriptors.


**It includes: **

  • A copy of the new descriptor statements derived from 9-1 GCSE Design & Technology and those derived from 9-1 GCSE Engineering.**
  • Detailed teachers’ notes introducing assessment for learning and the best use of the resource.
  • A series of editable tabes that break the level criteria into pupil friendly statements alongside tick boxes for self, peer and teacher assessment - covering each stage of the design process for both D&T and Engineering.
  • A series of editable AfL worksheets covering each stage of the design process for both D&T and Engineering, which also support self and peer assessment.
  • An editable ‘front section’ for a pupil booklet, with spaces for setting appropriate targets and recording progress.
  • Example KS3 ‘I can’ statements derived from GCSE Engineering.
  • BONUS: Additional sheets detailing product analysis, specification writing and the use of SCARED for designing.


This pack can be used to support teachers in understanding and using the new attainment criteria. The worksheets can be used either individually or as a booklet by pupils, to support improvements in their own attainment. They can be used directly with existing projects or new projects, and are suitable for use across all of D&T and Engineering.

Key Stage 3 Design & Technology and Engineering Assessment for Learning Pack

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