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Free resources

These resources are free to download from our website for use within your school or college. Simply click on the resource to download to your computer.

ACCESS FM Product Analysis

This can be used as a detailed set of questions to assist with product analysis and investigating the needs of the client.


ACCESS FM Product Analysis


These can be used to support creativity when generating design ideas in Design & Technology and Engineering. They have proved to be particularly effective when used as a challenge to students – ‘Are you SCARED of designing’?



KS3 Level Descriptor Statements derived from New 9-1 GCSE Design & Technology and 9-1 GCSE Engineering

Schools use attainment criteria to facilitate the assessment of progress. However, the Secretary of State for education has disapplied the attainment criteria previously used for Key Stage 3 Design & Technology. This disapplication gives the opportunity to adopt new assessment criteria, which more accurately reflect the development of skills that will be assessed in GCSE 9-1 Design & Technology and GCSE 9-1 Engineering.


The following descriptor statements are based on the NEA assessment criteria in the new GCSE 9-1 Design & Technology specification and the new GCSE 9-1 Engineering specification. They were developed by a group of examiners for use in their own classrooms. They were not prepared by, and have not been approved by, any exam board.



These level descriptors are fully supported by a range of materials and Assessment for Learning (AfL) resources available from our online shop.

Star Charts

This Excel based tool provides star charts that can be used, for example, in Food Preparation and Nutrition. The appropriate tab can be copied and edited into other work books as required. 


Start Charts Tool

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