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Health and Safety Accreditation

Training and Accreditation from Registered Experts

Health and safety is an important part of teaching in Design & Technology and engineering. We have to provide a safe workplace for both pupils and staff, and ensure that all staff have up-to-date Health & Safety accreditation. This accreditation must be renewed every 5 years, to demonstrate continuing competence.

The Health and Safety training standards and accreditation scheme provided by the Design and Technology Association provides a sound professional framework so that staff can feel confident in carrying out their work in a professional manner, and be able to show evidence of meeting that requirement. This scheme is recognised in BS4163:2007 as a way to demonstrate competence.

Our team includes Registered Design & Technology Health & Safety Consultants. We will visit your school to provide an accreditation or re-accreditation, tailored to your specific needs. 

We offer accreditation in the following areas:

  • Secondary health and safety core levels
  • Resistant materials specialist levels
  • Systems and Control specialist levels
  • Wood sawing machines                           
  • Wood turning lathe
  • Centre lathe for metal cutting
  • Milling machines & machining centre
  • Planner/thicknesser machine
  • Portable power tools