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A-Level Design & Technology Assessment for Learning Pack (Written for the OCR Specification)


Product Code: ALDT3

This resource is designed to support Assessment for Learning in OCR A-Level Design and Technology.

This resource, written by a former senior examiner, presents an approach that has been proven in classrooms to raise attainment. It breaks down the NEA criteria into a series of easy to understand statements in student friendly language. It supports both self assessment and peer assessment, thus enabling students to identify their own areas for improvement.

It can also be used to support teachers in understanding and applying the assessment criteria for A-Level D&T. It has been developed from an approach used for GCSE D&T courses; this was developed by a former senior examiner and applied in his own classroom with great success, typically improving value added by more than one grade.

Included in this pack:

  1. Teachers notes, including an introduction to using Assessment for Learning (AfL) and how to use the resource.
  2. Tables listing the specific requirements to achieve the marks in each section of the NEA, written in ‘student-speak’, alongside tick boxes for self and peer assessment.
  3. An editable version of the tables to allow for teacher customisation.

The ‘tick-box’ tables can be used either individually or as a booklet by students, to support improvements in their own attainment. 

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This resource is supplied as PDF and Word files and is dispatched via email. You are free to print/make as many copies as you like within your school, and/or to upload to your school network/VTLE as long as it is password protected.

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