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NEW GCSE Design and Technology (9-1) Numeracy Pack - UPDATE COMING SOON!


Product Code: NPDT1

The new GCSE 9-1 D&T specifications contain maths requirements that were not in the previous GCSE specifications. These requirements are specifically tested in the exam, where a percentage of the marks are specifically allocated to them.

This resource contains a skill worksheet and a practice worksheet for each of the maths requirements of the specifications. These summarise the knowledge needed and provide practice questions in the style of exam questions, along with worked answers. These worksheets have been prepared by former senior examiners in Mathematics, Design & Technology and Engineering.

This resource includes:

  1. Teachers' notes explaining the purpose and effective use of the resource.
  2. 16 skill sheets (14 for use across all D&T specifications, 2 for additional content in Edexcel specification), each containing an outline of the relevant maths skill covered, a worked example of a question and a small number of questions for students to attempt.
  3. 16 practice sheets linked to the skill sheets above, each containing a series of practice questions for students of an increasing level of difficulty.
  4. Six additional 'mixed' numeracy based questions.
  5. Mark schemes/worked through answers for all questions asked in the pack.

Dispatch and Payment Details

This pack is provided as a PDF file and dispatched via email. You are free to print/make as many copies as you like within your school, and/or to upload to your school network/VTLE as long as it is password protected.

To purchase online please click add to cart and follow the on screen checkout instructions. If you wish to buy via school purchase order please follow the instructions here.  

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