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Year 7 Cooking and Nutrition Practical Skills SoL Workbook


Product Code: SLFD7

This is a PowerPoint based scheme of learning designed to teach Cooking and Nutrition and/or Catering to year 7 as part of the 2014 national curriculum at key stage 3. It has been written by an experienced Food teacher and has been fully tested in the classroom.

The resource is presented as a 36 slide PowerPoint based workbook that can be printed for pupil use and projected onto a whiteboard for teacher explanation/class discussion. It supports pupils in developing the underpinning knowledge for a range of food preparation skills appropriate to year 7. These include food hygiene, knife skills, oven management and the use of the Eatwell guide. It also includes suggested practical food preparation activities to support learning, the ingredients needed for each and self-evaluation sheets for pupils to complete after each activity.

The resource is fully editable and so can be customised to meet local requirements.

Included in this resource:

  • A 36 slide PowerPoint workbook designed to support pupils in developing their underpinning knowledge of key stage 3 food preparation skills.
  • Suggested practical food preparation activities to support learning and the ingredients needed for each.

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This resource is supplied as a PowerPoint file and is dispatched via email. You are free to print/make as many copies as you like within your school, and/or to upload to your school network/VTLE as long as it is password protected.

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