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Key Stage 3 D&T Cover Pack


Product Code: CVDT1

Setting cover work can be a time consuming and difficult process that often has to be completed at short notice. That's why we created our Key Stage 3 D&T Cover Pack!

This is a pack of resources designed to help teachers and department leaders save time when setting cover work for Key Stage 3 Design and Technology classes. It contains a mixture of one-off cover lesson design tasks, literacy and exam style worksheets and mini-projects for covering longer term absence.

This resource does not include Food Preparation, Cooking and Nutrition. A separate cover pack will be made available shortly for this subject.

Included in this pack:

  • 15 pupil activity sheets ideal for setting as one-off cover lessons. These are mainly design based activities but also cover other elements of the design process.
  • 3 five lesson mini-projects with PowerPoint presentations and worksheets needed for delivery. Ideal for covering longer term absence.
  • 30 worksheets focussing primarily on literacy and exam skills within D&T. Ideal as short tasks within cover lessons, or for when pupils have completed other set cover work.
  • Teachers' notes explaining best use of the resources.

Dispatch and Payment Details

This resource is provided as a set of PDF, Word and PowerPoint files and dispatched via email. You are free to print/make as many copies as you like within your school, and/or to upload to your school network/VTLE as long as it is password protected.

To purchase online please click add to cart and follow the on screen checkout instructions. If you wish to buy via school purchase order please follow the instructions here.

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