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Introduction to the 6Rs


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Sustainability is a crucial part of Design and Technology and one of the topics at GCSE where pupils frequently make mistakes or show an incorrect understanding. This 20 page PowerPoint resource has been written by a former senior examiner for one of the three main examination boards and has been tried and tested with students in the classroom.

It introduces the 6Rs (rethink, reduce, refuse, repair, reuse, recycle), explains to learners what each means and shows how each can be used. It also introduces activities to help students to remember the 6Rs and demonstrate the knowledge needed for the examination.

It is suitable for the both the current and new GCSE D&T courses where sustainability and/or the 6Rs is covered by the specification.

What teachers have said about this resource:

  • 'Thanks for this resource - well made and very useable for my students.' - SG

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