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Homework Packs: Exam Questions written by Examiners. There are three keys to success in GCSE exams: subject knowledge, exam technique and confidence. Our GCSE homework packs have been written by former senior examiners and outstanding teachers. They contain at least one separate worksheet for every sub-section of the named GCSE specification, written in the style of exam questions. These are each supported by an associated mark scheme. The questions can be printed and set as homework activities to support the lessons covering each area of subject knowledge, or for revision. They can then be used as a peer assessment activity with students marking each others' work, or marked by teachers. By using these worksheets, learners can consolidate or develop their subject knowledge. They can also increase their understanding of what the questions are asking for and how to answer them, therefore also helping to increase their confidence. This addresses all three of the keys for success in their GCSE exams! Please note that the homework packs are supplied as PDF files - please specify the email address that you would like these sending to when placing your order.


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